Friday, August 13, 2010

Fresh Dill Potato Salad

I love my garden.  It's small and doesn't produce much, but I love working in it and watching things grow.  This year I planted lots of different vegetables/fruits/herbs in small quantities just to see what could survive and possibly thrive in the Texas heat.  The potatoes and dill survived, so I made this simple potato salad and it tasted great!!!!

Fresh Dill Potato Salad

2 pounds cooked red potatoes, skin on, cut into 1 inch chunks
4 dill pickles, chopped
1 cup Miracle Whip
1 T vinegar
1 1/2 tsp mustard
2 T fresh dill chopped fine
1 T onion, finely minced
salt and pepper, to taste

1.  Place potatoes and dill pickles in a bowl and gently combine.  In a separate small bowl mix the Miracle Whip, vinegar, mustard, minced onion, 1 1/2 T of the chopped dill.  Salt and pepper to taste. Pour over the potato mixture and gently combine.  Sprinkle remaining dill over the top.  Chill for 1-2 hours before serving.


jo said...

I have potatoes and dill growing in my 'garden' and will be making this tomorrow. Summery!

TexasMom said...

Just made a couple of changes to the recipe. I found the paper where I had written down what I used when I made it. It was only a bit different than what I had originally posted.

If you already made it, now you can make it again and let me know which version was better :)

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