Friday, June 4, 2010

Grilled Corn on the Cob

In all my years I had not yet grilled corn on the cob. When WalMart had their corn 5 for $1, we ate lots of corn that week, and I decided to try and grill a few ears.  I froze some as well, because freshly prepared and frozen corn puts that grocery store bagged stuff to shame!!

Because I had not grilled corn before, I needed some help.  I found this tutorial to guide me, and off I went!

First soak the ears in a sink full of cold water for 15 or more minutes. Then peel back the husks without removing them and remove the silks.  Brush the corn liberally with melted butter, and shake on salt and pepper (this would also be a great way to use an herbed butter of any sort to jazz things up a bit).  Re cover the corn with the still attached husks.  I did not bother to tie it all shut like the tutorial suggested - seemed like too much work and come to find out it all worked fine without tying.
Place the prepared corn on a medium heat grill.  Turn the ears occasionally so that no one side gets too charred.  As the corn cooks and the husks dry out some of the corn will actually touch the grill and brown up - these are the best parts, so let it happen!!  Mmmmmmm.  After about 15 minutes it will be done!
Don't worry about the husk char that gets on the corn - it adds flavor, really!

We really enjoyed this corn, and the best part was that it was already buttered and salted.  I don't like salting my corn at the table because the salt goes everywhere!

I can't wait for corn to go on sale again - I know what we'll be eating lots of this summer!


La Bella Vie said...

Ok this is one of the dishes I'm fixing for my mother and father in-law's 60th anniversary party we're having on July 17th at our home. YUMMO!

jo said...

This corn is beautiful! More like what we get in August around here. We will fire up the grill and use this recipe as soon as our good corn is ready.

TexasMom said...

I sooooooo wish I could stop at a giant wooden bin by the roadside and get fresh Hoffman corn straight from the fields! Just leave my money in the little wooden box - very cool. How many ears do you get for $1 nowadays?

jo said...

Last couple of years it has been 4 - and, as you know, they are big, beautiful ears. If price goes up this year, we will still buy. Don't tell Hoffmans though. :)

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